How’s this for French Romantic?   A chandelier dripping with sparkling crystals, and layer upon layer of opulence created with silk, lace, decadent florals, and gold accents make for a pretty irresistible romantic setting!  It’s classic, it’s ornate, and it’s undeniably feminine.  Here we’ve created a stunning dining environment with pieces from our French Romantic décor collection – crystal candle holders, gold rimmed charger plates, the softest ivory table cloth and our lovely lotus dining chairs which add a fluid serenity to the setting.  This neutral palette is enhanced by exquisite florals with pops of delicate pinks and the richness of a lush, moss wall.  Perfect for a wedding, or an elegant gathering.  This is just a small sample of the furnishings and decor we have to create a flawlessly beautiful French Romantic event for you – connect with our team  to get your design started!