Technical production

You want the right people, with the right gear, in the right place, at the right time. Lighting, projection, audio, rigging, and sets working together to create engaging spaces. We understand the technologies and the process. We help bring it all together to get your space installed, up and running.
We will generate and review equipment specifications, rigging plots, power and staffing needs to make sure your show looks great and works the way it should.


Without light? It just doesn’t work. If the goal is to create an awesome experience, nothing will do more for less money than lighting. Ask about your options and costs. From wireless LED wash lights to theatrical lighting rigs, we can show you the way.

Video Projection

From a single screen to 360 degree video mapping, we can help sort through the options and make the choices more obvious.


Get it up in the air and out of the way. The riggers mantra. Ask us about truss, motors, hardware, lifts and riggers.


Nothing will ruin an event as quickly as bad sound. Great audio is not that hard but it needs to be done right, for your space. Ask us how?