Retail Store Furniture Rental

Retail businesses devote a lot of attention to window displays and shop floor product arrangements as a means to attract customers into their establishments and to encourage them to buy. But as new studies regarding interior design for commercial spaces come to light, investment in furnishing is growing. Below is an accounting of how furniture can help your commercial store and why renting is the best option.

Four Reasons Why Furniture Rentals Are a Wise Investment for Brick & Mortar Retail Businesses 

1. Furniture Creates a More Inviting Space for Customers

When you add comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating complete with end tables and area rugs to your shop floor you create an inviting space that lets customers know that they are welcome to take their time. The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers see sales increases of up to 40 percent when prospective customers are encouraged to linger. Simply put – the longer they stay in your store, the more likely they are to buy.

2. Furniture Creates a Strategic Path for Customers to Follow

In addition to product displays, racks, and space dividers, you can use furniture to organically partition a clear path that takes customers on a journey through your store. Doing so allows you to expose them to featured items and have them cross paths with staff who may offer valued assistance, both of which can help increase sales.

3. Furniture Creates a Competitive Advantage

You may have hesitated to add furniture to your interior design in the past because you haven’t seen other retailers in your niche doing so. But that’s the point – if you want to gain a competitive advantage you need to differentiate yourself from the rest in a positive manner that creates a grand first impression. Inviting customers into your space with luxury furnishing will help accomplish this. Whether you sell fashion or literature, whether you’re a boutique shop or boast significant square footage, you will set yourself apart from the cookie-cutter competitors in your commercial zone with thoughtful furnishing.

4. Renting Furniture Allows You to Update for the Season

When you rent (vs buy) furniture you allow yourself the option to update aesthetics with the passing of each season, something that is extremely important in the retail sector. For example, during the winter season you may want to invite customers into a cozy cottage-esque atmosphere, at which point an Alexander Sofa with rolled arms in tufted faux leather with ornate wooden legs makes great sense. On the flip side you may prefer a more playful and airy aura in the summer, perfect for a woven rattan Sunset Sofa or a more whimsical seating option covered in astro turf (perfect for a golf shop or sporting goods store). Whatever seasonal theme you want to accommodate, furniture rental can help you make a magnificent impact without forcing you into the longterm commitment that comes with purchasing shop floor furniture.

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