We create environments that are distinct, engaging, and immersive. Whether it’s facilitating a compelling team workshop, strengthening your company’s culture and brand, or celebrating your wedding day – effective design is evocative, engages, and creates memories.

Our design team in Greater Vancouver and Western Canada is here to help realize your vision.
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Event Design Vancouver BC - Event Decorators and Designers

Space Design

Know where things are going to go, how one space flows into the next, how things are going to look and how all the pieces fit together before you’re on site. Be sure that you will create a lasting impression and get the reaction you want with our Event Space Design services, which include the following:

  • Concept and Theme Development

  • Space Planning

  • Branded Environments

  • Floor Plans and Elevations

  • Renderings

  • Style Boards

  • Sample Boards

  • Set Design

  • Backdrop Design

  • Rigging Plans

  • Custom Millwork Design and Fabrication

  • Custom Furniture Design and Fabrication

  • Lighting Plots

  • AV Integration…

Event Design Vancouver BC - Event Decorators and Designers

Graphic Design

Integrated with the spatial design, we can create an event identity and graphic overlay that will make your next event stand out. We layer signage, walls, printed materials, graphic elements, furniture, and tabletop decor into the space to establish a strong brand presence and reinforce your message. Some of the things we design and print are:

  • Event Naming and Identity

  • Event Logos

  • Signage

  • Graphic Overlay

  • Appliqués and Decals

  • Screen Graphics

  • Print Collateral

  • Programs

  • Table Cards…

Event Design Vancouver BC - Event Decorators and Designers

Décor and Styling

Your living room wouldn’t feel like home without the rugs, flowers, lamps, pillows and mementos. It’s the details that finish the picture. Your event spaces are no different. We can design, source and install everything you need to style your events so that you stand out. Our decorators are standing by to make your next event look and feel like home. Some of the things we can help with are:

  • Table Décor

  • Buffet Décor

  • Lighting

  • Rugs, Pillows and Throws

  • Furniture Selection

  • Furniture Styling

  • Floral Arrangements

  • Floral Installations

  • Living Walls…