By agreeing to a Rental or Service Contract with Loungeworks Inc., the Renter agrees that:

1. All rental contracts shall be deemed to incorporate these terms and conditions. There will be no variation or addition to these conditions unless agreed to in writing by a Director of Loungeworks Inc, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”.
2. A deposit of 50% of the order is required to confirm an order. We will reserve items for 24 hours only, unless a deposit payment is made. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Please note there is 3% surcharge on all payments made with an AMEX card and on all credit card payments over $2,500.00.
3. In order to reserve furniture and decor items (hereinafter referred to as “Rentals”), we require a credit card. Upon request, arrangements can be to pay by cheque on or before the first day of the rental period. If payment by cheque is not received by the first day of the rental period, it will be assumed that the balance owing on the cost of Rentals will to be charged to the credit card. Credit arrangements are available upon request, at the sole discretion of the Company.
4. Should Rentals be damaged while in your possession, the Renter agrees to have all costs for replacement or repairs charged to this card.
5. Interest on all outstanding rental and service contracts will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (19.58% annually) on all overdue accounts, calculated from the day of installation.
6. The liabilities of the Renter commence at the time the Rentals are delivered to the site of the event or exhibition for which they are rented, or are collected from our premises by the Renter, or the renters designated agent, and continue until they are collected from the site by the Company or are returned to our premises. During this time, the renter will:
i. Keep, at the Renter’s own expense, the Rentals in good and substantial repair and condition. In the event of any article being damaged beyond repair or lost by fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever, the Renter will pay the Company the full replacement value of the Rentals plus the original rental charge. In the event of any article being damaged and requiring repair, the Renter will pay the full cost of such repair as per article 4.
ii. Keep the Rentals fully insured to their full replacement value against all risks. Renters are reminded that the period of the insurance shall include at least two days prior to the opening of the event or exhibition for which they are rented and at least two days after its conclusion. The replacement value of the goods will be supplied upon request.
iii. Follow the guidelines below to help avoid any additional costs:
a. Furniture must sit on hard, level surfaces
b. Do not affix anything to any furniture without prior written consent
c. No heat can be applied to any furniture;
d. All candles must be in containers to avoid wax drippings;
e. Do not stand or allow guests to stand on furniture;
f. Furniture not specifically identified as outdoor furniture cannot get wet or sit uncovered outside;
7. It is the duty of the Renter to provide a duly authorized representative to accept the Rentals and to sign a delivery receipt. If the Renter fails to provide a duly authorized representative, it will be assumed that the goods have been received as ordered and in good condition.
8. Renters are reminded that all Rentals should be emptied of personal belongings at the conclusion of the event or exhibition. The Company will not be held responsible for any personal items and no responsibility will be accepted for their safe custody.
9. A 25% surcharge on the entire order, including delivery charges, will be applied to all orders confirmed less than 72 hours from the scheduled time of delivery.
10. At the discretion of the Company, a charge of not less than 25% of the quoted rental charge will be made in respect of cancelled orders. If such cancellation is made after the goods have been loaded for delivery, the Company reserves the right to invoice the full rental charge.
11. No liability shall attach to the Company for:
i. Any delay or failure to deliver due to circumstances outside its control.
ii. Loss or damage howsoever caused to customer’s own goods.
iii. Any dilapidation charges for fixing of floor coverings to exhibition hall or venue floors.
iv. Any damage or injury caused by the misuse of the Company’s property.
12. The Company expressly reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to suspend or cancel any services (whether in whole or in part) under its contract with the Renter in any case where the renter is in breach of that contract or in breach of any credit arrangements, whether the same be under that contract or any other contract or arrangement between the Renter and the Company.
13. The Company reserves the right to make substitutes, with notice, for furniture that may be unavailable.
14. Any claim against the Company shall be limited to the amount of any loss or diminution in value of the goods, and not in respect of any consequential costs incurred.
15. Complaints should be submitted in writing during the open period of the event or exhibition. This will ensure that they are fully investigated on site. Problems identified after the end of the Rental Period shall be deemed irrelevant.
16. The Renter agrees to pay all outstanding charges, including charges for any loss or damage to the Rentals, within 7 days of the return of goods. If payment is not received within 7 days of installation, the Renter agrees that any amount outstanding can be charged to the credit card provided.