Rent Furniture for Office - Top 5 Benefits of Renting

Are the bland cubicles and leftover furnishings from the previous tenant no longer cutting it for your office space? Are you looking for a solution that better accommodates the unique needs of your enterprise’s headquarters? Below is an accounting of why renting furniture is the best option not only for aesthetics but for branding, productivity, and your bottom line.

5 Reasons Why Renting Furniture For Your Office Space is a Smart Investment

1. Promotes Brand Cohesion Through Interior Design

Renting from a furniture rental company with a large inventory gives you the pick of the litter of seating, tables, and accessories that when blended together may provide an exquisite match for your brand image. You will discover unparalleled options with colors, shapes, textiles, and general design that speak to your corporate persona. Buying comparable items from a furniture seller simply won’t provide the sheer number of brand relevant options, nor offer the same level affordability or flexibility.

2. Creates a More Inviting Space for Visiting Clients and Stakeholders

Rent Furniture for Office - Top 5 Benefits of Renting

The brand-match connection above sets the table for this next big benefit, as visiting clients and stakeholders alike will appreciate your attention to aesthetic detail. But beyond branding, furnishing will directly create a more inviting space for them to hear your latest pitch, receive reports, and converse about the current state of affairs. When in a more comfortable (and confident) environment they may be more receptive to new ideas, offers, and may even take less favorable news better than they would in a disagreeable setting. A recent quote from an SEO consultant in Vancouver states:

“There’s two different rooms used for client meetings in our shared work environment. I’ve noticed a massive difference in client engagement when using one (designed) versus the other (not-designed). We often duke it out to see who gets to book the space first. Suffice to say we’ve requested an update to the less ‘thoughtful’ room.”

3. Creates a More Inviting Space to Attract and Retain Talent

The race to attract professional and skilled talent in Greater Vancouver is more competitive than ever, especially with all of the big name tech offices opening up shop in the 604 area code. In order to attract and retain talent, you need to offer an aesthetically and functionally pleasing space that professionals can envision themselves working within for a long and fruitful time. Think about it, there’s a good chance that they’ll be spending more time in the workplace than they actually do at home, so you want them to feel at home in order to increase satisfaction. Attractive and updated furnishing can help you accomplish this. It will create a great first impression during the recruiting process and will help retain talent throughout.

4. Creates More Engaging Spaces for Staff to Collaborate

Rent Furniture for Office - Top 5 Benefits of Renting

Staff collaboration is critical to workplace productivity. Email, instant-messaging, and shouting over cubicle partitions may help pass basic information but does little to promote the brainstorming needed to create revenue-generating concepts. You need to offer them engaging meeting rooms and breakout spaces where they can step away from the walls and their screens and participate in conversation and exchange ideas that will serve your business’ bottom line. Comfortable and fashionable furniture with textile colors known to promote cognitive performance will help accomplish this. Better yet, renting (vs buying) will let you update furnishing overtime so that these collaborative spaces don’t become stale after a year or even a few months.

5. Provides a Scalable Furnishing Solution

Lastly, renting furniture provides the flexibility you need in furnishing should your company need to scale up or down when it comes to square footage and staffing requirements. When you buy, you’re married to your furnishing, but when you rent you retain a scalable solution, and that’s just good business.

View our growing inventory of furniture rentals for your space including traditional office furnishings, a wide variety of seating, tables, and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? There’s a good chance that the exact items you need haven’t yet made it onto our website but awaits you in one of our facilities. Contact Loungeworks in Vancouver today at 604.687.2774 with your request.