Loungeworks Inc. merges with Chair-man Mills Corp.

Loungeworks Inc. merges with Chair-man Mills Corp. Loungeworks Inc. (“Loungeworks”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Canada’s leading event rental provider, Chair-man Mills Corp. (“Chair-man Mills”). The partnership represents an amalgamation of two leading event service providers in Canada. Chair-man Mill’s President & CEO, Chris Doyle, is excited to welcome the team at Loungeworks, “Loungeworks is an industry leader for a reason; their experienced team under the leadership of Tom Stulberg, extensive inventory and professional capabilities is highly complementary to Chair-man Mills. We are looking forward to being an integral partner to Loungeworks’ team and customers. We believe [...]

Loungeworks Inc. merges with Chair-man Mills Corp.2020-12-02T10:20:12-08:00

Increased COVID-19 Related Event Costs?

Who’s Going to Pay Increased COVID-19 Related Event Costs? Last week I wrote a blog post about the impact COVID19 is going to have on the shape and design of events moving forward. In that blog I talked a little bit about the implications of COVID-19 on the cost of events. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and think through what those costs are going to be for us. The result is a bit scary. I looked at the cost of PPE, inventory quarantine and both the loss of revenue and the costs of space; labour costs [...]

Increased COVID-19 Related Event Costs?2020-05-28T14:21:00-07:00

How Will COVID19 Change the Way We Stage Meetings?

How Will COVID19 Change the Way We Stage Meetings? As we move towards opening up markets and a gradual return to the “New Normal”, it’s important to understand how the shape of events has changed and what we should all be expecting as the new way we do business and design meeting spaces. Meetings and gatherings will be different for sure, and Loungeworks is working hard to understand what that means and how we can support producers and planners moving forward. The industry has come to terms with the fact that more meetings will be hybrid–with smaller groups gathering in a [...]

How Will COVID19 Change the Way We Stage Meetings?2020-05-21T11:50:23-07:00

Why Florals Are Essential to Enhancing Positive Emotions at Your Events

You don’t need to be a botanical scientist to know that introducing florals into a space enhances the overall mood of those within. But when you’re in the business of event planning every element is critical to success. Adding floral arrangements to reception areas, tabletop displays, centrepieces, ceiling treatments and stages are one of the most cost-effective ways to inject colour and warmth into an event. The idiom of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks does not apply to the event design arena, and therefore assumptions must give way toThere is substantial evidence that flowers will add a [...]

Why Florals Are Essential to Enhancing Positive Emotions at Your Events2020-01-20T12:20:41-08:00

Rethinking How We Design Meeting Spaces

By: Tom Stulberg, President, Loungeworks Inc. Nothing about the way we currently plan meetings makes it easy to create compelling spaces that stimulate and engage delegates. The basic tool set: folding tables and stacking chairs, remains the dominant option meeting planners consider when designing the spaces in which their meetings will take place. To aid planners, venues offer capacity charts and diagrams for banquet, theatre, classroom, boardroom, u-shaped and O-shaped configurations. None of these configurations consider that anything other than a limited and predictable set of 30” high table options and stacking chairs are an option.  Planners embrace this approach as [...]

Rethinking How We Design Meeting Spaces2020-01-14T22:26:53-08:00

Why Is Event Lighting Important in a Corporate Setting?

A lot of thought and planning must go into event design if you hope to pull of a successful affair, and this is especially true in the corporate arena where design can impact your bottom line. You may place a significant amount of attention on branding, floor plans, and seating arrangements but one area that is often taken for granted is lighting. Today, we’re going to shed light on why optimized lighting is critical to a prosperous event. 5 Reasons Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Lighting for Your Next Corporate Event […]

Why Is Event Lighting Important in a Corporate Setting?2020-01-14T22:26:43-08:00

Benefits of Renting Furniture for Your Office

Are the bland cubicles and leftover furnishings from the previous tenant no longer cutting it for your office space? Are you looking for a solution that better accommodates the unique needs of your enterprise’s headquarters? Below is an accounting of why renting furniture is the best option not only for aesthetics but for branding, productivity, and your bottom line. 5 Reasons Why Renting Furniture For Your Office Space is a Smart Investment […]

Benefits of Renting Furniture for Your Office2020-03-12T14:58:37-07:00

Why Rent Furniture for Your Retail Store

Retail businesses devote a lot of attention to window displays and shop floor product arrangements as a means to attract customers into their establishments and to encourage them to buy. But as new studies regarding interior design for commercial spaces come to light, investment in furnishing is growing. Below is an accounting of how furniture can help your commercial store and why renting is the best option. Four Reasons Why Furniture Rentals Are a Wise Investment for Brick & Mortar Retail Businesses  […]

Why Rent Furniture for Your Retail Store2019-12-11T09:31:11-08:00

Why Winter Wedding Decor Should Add a Dash of Christmas

Next to the summer, winter during the Holiday season is a primetime for getting married in Western Canada. One of the reasons brides and grooms (mostly brides) choose this time of the year is that it offers wondrous inspiration for wedding decor. Wedding planners (you?) are tasked with meeting this demand and can use a helping hand in finalizing the theme. Well, we’re here with some sound advice – add a healthy dash of Christmas and Holiday season accents to the venue for great effect. Here’s why. Four Reasons Why You Should Add Holiday Season Accents to Winter Weddings and Receptions [...]

Why Winter Wedding Decor Should Add a Dash of Christmas2019-12-11T09:31:01-08:00

Why Rent Holiday Decor for Your Retail Store

In our recent article on why corporate offices need to rent Christmas decor you’ll find sound reasoning for you, a retailer, to do the same. That said, there are some very big differences between your store/s and a traditional office space. For one, you already know that you must decorate for the Holidays or get passed over by customers who favor brick & mortars that embrace the season. Today, we’re going to take a look at why you should up your decorating game by renting your seasonal trimmings. 5 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Should Rent and Ramp Up Decorations this [...]

Why Rent Holiday Decor for Your Retail Store2019-11-13T11:59:08-08:00


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