Buy Props for Film Vancouver

Are you a props master in service of a major motion picture or television series? Are you involved in independent films and in charge of securing properties to set the literal or proverbial stage of your project? Whichever the case you have an important decision to make. Do you buy or rent these essential items? In most scenarios, rentals make far more sense. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why It Makes More Sense to Rent (vs Buy) Props for Your Up and Coming Film Projects

1. Easier to Find What You’re Looking For

The inventory of a prop seller is a lot leaner than it is for a prop rental company. Rental companies curate items from all over the country, continent, and world to create a deep and everlasting well of options for clients. A seller on the other hand, has much more limited inventory because they are in the “catch and release” business – the item is there one day, then gone the next to another filmmaker or simply a collector. Sure, you could hit Craigslist, Kijiji, and the classifieds to find what you’re looking for, but that is extremely time intensive and not very practical. You will have a much easier time finding what you are looking for along with alternatives you may not have considered when you partner with a prop rental company.

2. Reduces Storage Requirements

When you buy props, you’re committing to maintaining a longterm inventory. This adds to your storage space requirements and subsequent costs. Also, anytime you store items for the longterm, another risk is introduced which may impact the success of your film project. Keep reading.

3. Mitigates Risk of Getting Behind Schedule When Items Are Lost/Damaged

As mentioned above, when you buy props you take on the responsibility of longterm storage. This increases the risk of damage and theft which not only has a direct cost, it can set an already tight film schedule behind. Each day that passes can cost a relative fortune. Yes, there is also a risk of damage and theft (and loss of security deposit) when renting props but in most cases replacement will be prompt because as stated in item #1 above a prop rental company will have a deep inventory and should be able to replace the damaged, lost, or stolen item with the same or similar option.

4. Greater Adaptability for Different Films and Storylines

When you buy props you eat away at your capital budget. You also commit to an exact collection of wares that may serve you well for one particular film or storyline, but limit your capacity to adapt to different projects. If you have to keep buying you keep digging into your (or investors’) pockets for items that may have a short shelf life. But when you partner with a prop rental company you gain immediate adaptability and can accommodated any film, storyline, and period piece that comes your way, no matter the genre.

5. Hassle Free Film Wrap-Up

Take-down is typically the worst part of a film wrap-up. The more items you add to the mix of equipment and machinery that already make the prospect a daunting one is enough to make the crew run for the hills. By renting props you alleviate one of many headaches because you don’t have to worry about storage or re-sale. Also, a professional prop rental company will offer drop-off and pickup – all you need to do is make the call and set the schedule. Going the rental route if the most hassle-free option from top to bottom, especially when it comes to wrapping up your project upon conclusion or simply for the season.

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