Christmas Decorations for Corporate Office

The Holiday season is upon us and as a corporate enterprise you’re thinking about going all out to deck the halls of your office space. From the lobby and reception area to break rooms and cubicles there is a big opportunity to make a positive impression while improving your bottom line when you rent your decor. Here’s how.

6 Reasons Why It Makes Good Business Sense to Decorate (with Rentals) Your Company’s Office Space for the Holiday Season

1. Improved Mood = Greater Productivity 

Numerous studies show that better lighting in a corporate environment improves staff mood and therefore productivity. Imagine what thousands of twinkling festive lights will accomplish? In all seriousness, HR Review reports that creating a festive office environment through Holiday season decorations boosts employee wellbeing and engagement which has a positive impact on productivity. The study found that 85% of workers reported that seasonal decor had a positive impact on their mood in the office, while 90% of management reported that the elevated mood was indeed evident. In the end, the study found that two thirds of office managers and business owners plan on investing more in seasonal decor in the future. Will you do the same and reap the business benefits?

2. Provides a Budget Friendly Alternative to Buying

Now that you’re on board with bringing in more seasonal decor you must decide between buying and renting. Most businesses don’t realize that you can rent Christmas and winter-themed props and decorations and therefore spend way too much on a visit to Michael’s or Home Depot for quality Holiday wares. The good news, is that if you’re located in the Greater Vancouver area, you can save money and a trip to a home retailer by opting for a more budget friendly alternative with Loungeworks.

3. Reduces the Need to Store Decor Through the Year

The hard cost of buying decorations outright is one thing, but you must also store the decor through the rest of the year. The larger your office space, the greater your storage requirement, effort, and cost. By renting, you negate the need to store office decor at the end of the season.

4. Provides a Budget Friendly Alternative for Your Corporate Holiday Party

The cost of renting a venue for a corporate Holiday party is significant to say the least. The later you wait to book, the lower the supply and the greater the cost will be. While most staff would prefer to have their party outside of the office environment, this feeling is often due to the fact that most corporate spaces are drab and lack festive flare. But when you commit to fully decorating your office from top to bottom during the season you change that perception. You’ll find that staff won’t mind having the party within the space that you already lease or own. Plus, you will therefore free up money in your budget for important things (to staff) like an open bar.

Should you still be in need of event space for your corporate shindig, have a look at our 130West event rental venue and call us right away at 604.687.2774 to inquire about availability.

5. Helps Attract Talent

The script has flipped a bit when it comes to companies and available human resources. Skilled talent is in more of a power position than ever before in Western Canada. They are deciding whether or not they want to take their knowledge and skills to your business, or to that of a competitor. Beyond the GlassDoor, prospective employees are heading to social media to vet corporate environments to see if a given one is a good fit for them. Things that may seem small to you, such as decorating the office for the Holidays, have a big impact on how talent perceives your business. By decorating and sharing images of your festive office on your company’s LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook profiles you will invariably be seen as a more engaging place to work over counterpart brands who do not showcase themselves in the same favorable light.

6. Helps Attract Customers/Clients

Sharing your festive office space on corporate social networks does more than attract talent, it attracts customers and clients. They appreciate a business that treats their staff well, and one that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It doesn’t matter if your a buttoned-up financial services provider or a law office, consumers are heading online and screening your business. When they see you have a heart during the Holidays they will be more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars with you.

View our growing inventory of Holiday season and winter-themed props and decor here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? There’s a good chance that the perfect item hasn’t yet made it onto our website but awaits you in one of our facilities. Contact Loungeworks in Vancouver today at 604.687.2774 with your request in time for the Holidays.