Event Management

We work with you to get complex, deadline and budget sensitive projects done efficiently and effectively–with outstanding results. Production schedules, stage plots, rigging plans show flows, signage plots, crew schedules are just a few of the work products of our production managers. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.  We make sure that the best suppliers and crews from Greater Vancouver BC, Western Canada, and beyond are in place to make it all work faultlessly.

Event Management Vancouver BC

Production Management

Our production managers and coordinators live in a world of drawings, schedules and budgets. Our time-tested processes combined with our experience and resources help you execute complex multidimensional projects, painlessly.

Event Management Vancouver BC

Stage Management

Our stage managers, assistant stage managers and wranglers make sure that your show runs like a well oiled machine, unfolding seamlessly and as expected.

Event Management Vancouver BC

Event Staffing

Call on our crews to move the boxes, set-up the drapery, place decor… We can help get things done, properly and on time.

Event Management Vancouver BC

Budget Management

How much is it going to cost? How much has it cost to date? What did it cost in the end? Work with us and you can expect accurate, timely responses to any and all of these questions.

Event Management Vancouver BC - Catering

Food + Beverage

The right food and drink, in the right format, well-served into the hands of your guests, when they need it. If your event is going to work, the food and beverage service needs to be great. We can help.

Event Management Vancouver BC

Supplier Sourcing

With over 30 years in the business of creating extraordinary spaces, we know who you need on your team. Work with us and you work with the best suppliers, nationally.