We absolutely love producing and designing events and work together to ensure that a promise made by any team member is supported by everyone. Our designers are the creative force behind our work, setting a high bar for the rest of our team. Our project managers ensure that the vision is understood and that all components of your project are realized. Our warehouse and logistics teams make certain that you get what you ordered, where you want it, in great condition and on time.

Together, we are unstoppable.

Tom Stulberg


Thirty years ago, Tom redirected his architectural education to designing and producing corporate and public events and has never looked back. Loungeworks is just one more step along the road to providing a different way to think about event design. He is a serial entrepreneur that says “Why not?” far more often than he says no.

Kim Noseworthy

Director of Operations + Production

Kim thrives on details, working through budgets, schedules and plans to ensure that we meet targets and exceed expectations. If there were a professional Yahtzee league, she could be doing that instead. Her personal best Yahtzee score is 514.

Phoebe Gerges

Senior Project Manager

Phoebe Is passionate about the creative details and building client relationships. She goes out of her way to ensure every client need is taken care of. When she’s not working, you can find Phoebe planning her next big trip or enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Michele Frazer

Senior Project Manager

Michele has over 20 years of planning and executing the most complex, and seemingly impossible events. Her past experience, in theatre and television, including working with a famous anthropomorphic sheep sock puppet, has prepared her well for this job.

Mariel Pedraja

Project Manager

Mariel works quickly, accurately, and loves to see a project completed.  She is smart and unflappable–unless you mess with the big  jar of Nutella that is always in her top left drawer. Shh.

Raquel Salvador

Project Manager

With airline hostessing and event designing in her past, Raquel is a project manager who is cool as a cucumber, creative and professional. While grace under pressure is her modus-operandi, just remember, she earned the nickname Amazon on her university soccer team for her running and tackling strength.

Morgen Valle

Senior Designer

Morgen is a master designer and creator of engaging spaces. She oversees the design team and is happy she is no longer a wrestler and hair model.

Jeremy Izad


Jeremy has a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary. He is a class act. We know that because he was previously employed by Prince Albert of Monaco.

Helga Carruthers


It has been said that if you want a great controller, hire someone of Swiss or German descent. It’s true. Helga is German and she’s fast, efficient and accurate. Everything you’d every want in a bookkeeper. She is also the resident knitting expert.

Colin Main

Logistics Manager

If you want to know how many Marine bar stools will fit into a truck and how many crew it’ll take to get it into the ballroom of a specific hotel at a specific time, Colin’s your guy. If anyone is likely to arrange a meet up at a craft brewery on Friday after work, Colin’s that guy.

Randy Oltean

Warehouse Manager

Randy harnesses the unfathomable power of his OCD to perform great acts of organization–and he does it in a kilt. We dare you to find a better organized warehouse.

Neil Wills

Driver + Team Lead

Neil is one of our drivers and site leads. He is happiest when he’s moving and busy. His homemade lunches are the envy of everyone on the logistics team.

Richard Legge

Driver + Team Lead

The senior driver on the team, Richard can pack a truck and can maneuver into spaces others would shy away from. When he’s not working, he’s testing his poker face at the local casinos.

Baxter Ritsema

Shop Manager

A master with every tool in the shop; from a CNC machine to an edge bander. Baxter makes the custom furniture, millwork and sets for the projects where off-the-shelf just won’t do. He’s the guy who thinks about the details and gets worried when something is off by half a millimetre.