How Furniture Affects Mood in Commercial Space

Furniture is about so much more than providing a functional place to sit, dine, and gather. It serves a purpose beyond partitioning a space with geometrical shapes, colors, and textiles. It sets a tone, and creates an environment that has a direct impact on the state of mind of all who wander within the walls of a given room. In a residence the right furniture can create a pleasant aura for occupants and guests alike, but there is nary a more critical application for furniture than that found in the commercial setting.

Numerous studies find that furniture has a clear and present influence on emotion, cognitive performance, and mood in general, all of which have a significant impact on consumers and guests in commercial surroundings. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to optimize your space to create a positive experience for customers or clients and ultimately help generate greater revenue. Let’s investigate.

3 Ways the Right Furniture Will Positively Impact Consumer Attitudes of  Customers/Clients In Your Commercial Space

It Can Keep People in Your Brick & Mortar Longer

Furniture placement determines the traffic flow in your space. If it makes people feel as if they’re in a freeway traffic jam they’ll look for the nearest exit – which leads to your competition. Conversely, when the layout is functional, harmonious, and maximizes available square footage, consumers are far more likely to stay in your establishment. The longer they stay, the more they are exposed to products/services and key marketing messages (more on this below) and the more likely they will be to connect to you and commit to purchase.

In addition, by introducing comfortable and attractive seating, you let consumers know that they are welcome to stay without feeling the pressure to make a decision. This also accommodates a new shopping trend – the fact that today’s consumer is using their smartphone to perform their own research on a product/service and compare prices. More importantly, data shows that they are beginning this process while within your brick-and-mortar. You can either invite them to perform online search from with your walls, where staff can be there to address questions/concerns and possibly price-match. Or, you can make an extended stay feel less comfortable (nowhere to sit, etc.) and lose them to the competition outside. It’s an easy decision to make on your part.

It Can Encourage Conversation and Enhance Engagement

In a meeting environment considerate furniture ergonomics encourage productivity and creativity and is essential to successful brainstorming sessions between colleagues. This aspect has clear implications in the consumer environment too, as when staff is able to better engage customers/clients in a conformable setting they (staff) can better communicate your marketing message. On the flip side, a comfortable customer/client is better prepared to listen and receive communications, without discomfort distorting the message.

Furniture can either pit two parties against one another, or bring them together. What does yours currently do?

It Can Encourage the Action You Want Them to Take

In the end, it’s about the bottom line when it comes to outfitting your commercial space, and furnishings offer a return on investment that you may never have anticipated. Far fetched? Not at all.

Color for instance, has a direct impact on cognitive performance. Consumers are less likely to make a purchase decision when confused and/or slow to process the communicated benefits of a product/service. By ramping up those cognitive signals, they may be less likely to sit on the fence and be better prepared to move forward with a contract or sale. However, it expands beyond having information processing capacities firing on all cylinders. Studies show that interior color (furniture included) for instance, can produce higher levels of positive affective tone and increased purchase intentions. Now that’s some data you can take to the bank!

Commercial enterprises are also altering the arrangement of furniture in their space to facilitate desired activities. For example, when placed with careful thought, it can be used to guide consumers on a journey along a shop floor in a logical and pleasing manner, and ultimately towards a point or purchase. It really does pay for itself.

As you can see, there’s a real ROI to be gained by outfitting your commercial setting. That said, the benefits of furnishing will only be realized when you have access to a large inventory of furniture and accessories so that you find the perfect match for your situation.

Renting is often a more economical means to rotating and introducing new items into your shop, store, trade show, or showroom to account for everything from differing customer/client tastes to seasonal transitions. Plus, when you work with a professional rental provider, you may also gain access experts in design methodology, experts who can help with concept and theme development, space planning and more, all while protecting your brand image. Contact Loungeworks today to discuss furniture rental options.