Winter Wedding Decor Vancouver

Next to the summer, winter during the Holiday season is a primetime for getting married in Western Canada. One of the reasons brides and grooms (mostly brides) choose this time of the year is that it offers wondrous inspiration for wedding decor. Wedding planners (you?) are tasked with meeting this demand and can use a helping hand in finalizing the theme. Well, we’re here with some sound advice – add a healthy dash of Christmas and Holiday season accents to the venue for great effect. Here’s why.

Four Reasons Why You Should Add Holiday Season Accents to Winter Weddings and Receptions

1. It’s a Winter Wedding, May As Well Lean Into It

Again, the happy couple chose this time of the year for good reason, and we guarantee you that when they envision the affair they have a winter wonderland in mind. Give them what they want with Holiday seasoned themed decor that is both elegant and tasteful, yet whimsical.

2. It Blends in Perfectly With the Already Decorated Venue

If you’re holding the wedding and/or reception at a church, luxury hotel, or one of many other upscale event venues around Greater Vancouver, there’s a good chance that guests will be walking into an space that is already decorated for the Holiday season. By marrying (pun intended) the decor to an already in-play theme you will create the ultimate (yet affordable) wedding setting that begins from the moment that the bride, groom, and guests step out of their limos and into the lobby. It will seem as if the wedding party has taken over the building, which will surely impress those in attendance (including in-laws on both sides).

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3. There Will Be Kids in Attendance

There will be kids in attendance and like with any wedding they (armed with limited attention spans) will be bored out of their minds unless you give them something to get excited about. What gets little ones more pumped up than the Holiday season? When you add Christmas and Holiday decor (i.e. sparkly cone trees, silver reindeer, snow-kissed trees, etc.) to the space you engage those rambunctious souls, making it feel as if they are at one of the local Holiday season events in Greater Vancouver such as Aurora, Glow, and more. For the first time ever parents will have a hard time pulling their kids away from the reception hall at the event’s end. And what about the grownups? The “kids at heart” will love it too!

4. Ties Exquisitely Into Wedding Guest Gifts

What better theme and time of the year to deliver memorable gifts for wedding guests? Whatever “take home” is being presented to guests at their tables, it will look amazing when wrapped up like a present under the Christmas tree. The wrapping paper and bow can match the seasonal decor to the tee and incite wedding and Holiday cheer for all attendees.

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